Beltomatic Configurations

Pressure Cooler Model

This model is a single or multiple conveyor cooler design and incorporates one fan, and one or more conveyors. Normal air direction is up, which places the fan below the conveyors. Air is forced up through the conveyor and the product. The airflow contacts the product one or multiple-times depending on the number of conveyors. Multiple contacts improve efficiency while allowing the product to mix at each conveyor discharge improving temperature consistency. Most units are ambient air coolers, but certain applications can be fitted for chilled air or exhaust air from freezers.

Product is loaded by various spreading mechanisms at the beginning of the conveyor and discharged at the end of the conveyor. Multiple-pass models with an even number of conveyors discharge at the same end the product is loaded.

Airflow velocity, resident time, and air temperature can be set to a wide range of adjustments. Air velocity through the bed can be set from 25 fpm to 200 fpm. Normal operating range is 100 to 150 fpm. Generally, most applications call for 500 to 1000 cfm per ton of material being cooled.

These models are sold as all cool. They can be fitted to dryer models when necessary. Standard widths are 2', 6', and 8' and standard lengths are in increments of 12". Custom widths and lengths are available. These models are usually selected for cooling of various feed and food products.

Other Configurations